A document-based dynamic workflow system

Rahaman, Mohammad Ashiqur;Roudier, Yves
Research report RR-09-231




A typical workflow is specified by a set of predefined tasks executed in a

sequence flow in which business objects represented as documents are handled

to reach a business goal.Workflow actors with precise roles handle documents

reflecting the results of executed tasks. However, increasing agile

nature of business processes implies neither the potential tasks nor their sequence

flow can be defined a priori. In this context, a document-based workflow

(DocWF) in which the handled documents may preserve the statefulness

of a business process helping an actor to define potential tasks and their sequence

flow at runtime.

In this paper, we present a formal model of a DocWF to address agile

business processes. We first classify the associated entities and their relationships

in a meta-model. To this end, a formal execution model of a DocWF

system is provided. We illustrate a dynamic execution with an electronic

health record (EHR) generation workflow that handles an XML document of


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