Practical and unified process for developing the future mobile Internet with simultaneous access (MISA)

Nguyen, Huu Nghia;Bonnet, Christian
Research report RR-08-211

Future Mobile Internet has to cope with multi-interface mobile nodes and multi-access networks that provide simultaneous use of access technologies for wireless bandwidth aggregation and load balancing. However working in such a multi-homing & mobility environment requires cost, time and efforts; a new process based on virtualization should be considered. When it comes to virtualization, there's not just one way to do it; this document explores the ideas behind each virtualization technologies for virtual machines and describes in details the User Mode Linux (UML) approach that can be adapted easily to different purpose: virtual networking, distributed application development, driver or kernel development. We then propose a practical and unified process for developing the future Mobile Internet with Simultaneous Access (MISA) using UML and Mobile IPv6 for Linux (MIPL)

Communication systems
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