Seamless Handover and QoS mechanisms for efficient DVB-H and Mobile IPv6 integration

Miloucheva, Ilka; Wetterwald, Michelle; Mödeker, Jens; Jonas, Karl; Hetzer, Dirk
International Review on Computers and Software, November 2007

Seamless handover and QoS provision of applications in converged DVB-H and Mobile IPv6 networks are discussed. The goal is to support efficiently interactive mobile broadcast/multicast services using unidirectional broadcast media (DVB-H) combined with bidirectional mobile access technologies (UMTS, WLAN, WIMAX) in heterogeneous Mobile IPv6 environments. In particular, the focus is: - Handover strategies based on usage of Link Layer Tunneling Mechanisms (IETF RFC 3077) for emulation of bidirectional connectivity of DVB-H access networks in heterogeneous Mobile IP environment; - Network discovery and handover optimization for DVB-H access networks considering IEEE 802.21; - QoS mechanisms of interactive multicast streaming and download services using DVB-H access networks. Copyright (C) 2007 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

Communication systems
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