Amplify-and-forward capacity with transmit beamforming for MIMO multiple-relay network

Yilmaz, Erhan;Sunay, Oguz
GLOBECOM 2007, 50th IEEE global communications conference, November 26-30, 2007, Washington, USA

In this paper, we consider a MIMO wireless relay

network where communication between a source and a destination

node is assisted by multiple relay nodes using the Amplifyand-

Forward (AF) strategy. We consider a system where the

source node multiplexes the information into parallel streams

and uses disjoint subsets of relays to assist the transmission of

each stream. Furthermore, we assume that the source and the

destination have the same number of antennas and that each

transmit antenna is virtually paired to a different destination

antenna. We consider source node channel side information (CSI)

availability of just the source-relay and source-destination links,

and propose a source beamforming method based on maximizing

the Sum of Signal-to-Leakage Ratios (SSLR) for all of the data

streams. This method maximizes the sum of signal strengths at

the set of relay nodes assigned to that stream while suppressing

the interference to other relay nodes. Maximizing the SSLR

reduces the propagation of interference terms in the AF strategy

and results in signicant performance gains.

Communication systems
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