Capacity of MIMO systems: impact of polarization, mobility and environment

de Lacerda Neto, Raul Liberato; Sampaio, Leonardo; Hoffsteter, Helmut; Debbah, Merouane; Gesbert, David; Knopp, Raymond
IRAMUS Workshop, January 24-26, 2007, Val Thorens, France

This work presents results concerning the MIMO channel capacity of a real wireless channel. For the analysis, we developed a real time UMTS MIMO Sounder platform at Eurecom Institute. The platform, also called EMOS (Eurecom MIMO Openair Sounder), is able to give actual information of the channel environment, offering a possibility to estimate the MIMO channels and the instantaneous capacity. With the available results, the impact of polarization, terminal mobility and propagation environment (small versus large delay spread) are analyzed with the purpose of characterizing the system capacity.

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Val Thorens
Communication systems
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