State of the art of mobility protocols

Nguyen, Huu Nghia; Bonnet, Christian
Research report RR-06-174

Beyond 3G (B3G) environments typically consist of multi-homed mobile terminals and wireless overlay networks in heterogeneous access technologies and aim at the Always Best Connected provision. In such B3G environments, the mobility feature and multi-homing feature are inseparable. Both multi-homing and mobility have to cope with the same problem of multiple IP addresses. However the former works on multiple simultaneous IP addresses and the later works on dynamic IP addresses. In this report, we will go through the state of the art of host mobility management and the trend of the future host mobility management protocols including many works in progress of IETF which support mobility and/or multi-homing features (MMIP, HIP, mSCTP, MOBIKE, NETLMM). This work will later be used to propose the new B3G mobile internet architecture with a Always Best Connected provision.

Communication systems
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