Industrial collaboration

Becoming an Industrial Member of the Consortium

The Consortium structure chosen for EURECOM reflects a long-term commitment to associate industrial members to every aspect of school life, of which they have part ownership.
Beyond participating in the school’s assemblies and boards, the current industrial members also enjoy exclusive benefits :

  • A strong interaction in research

Consortium members benefit from European, national and bi-national contracts by supporting EURECOM’s research projects according to their preferred areas of interest.
The long-term relationship developed between EURECOM and its members fosters knowledge of mutual research areas and resources.
The issue of intellectual property is discussed and resolved in advance between EURECOM and its members, which simplifies their contractual relations.

  • Contribution to the development of teaching programs

Members of the Consortium have a direct impact on courses as course content is defined in part based on their recommendations. A priority for EURECOM is to train engineers so that their skills meet the industry’s needs.

  • Access to students

EURECOM is committed to establishing the best possible relationship for both parties between its industrial members and its students. To do so, the school organizes a Career Day, an Internship Forum and post-internship meetings where students can be recruited. Full school days are often freed up for these events.

  • Access to training

Industrial members have access to all courses provided at EURECOM as auditors, and to continuing education courses.

  • Involvement in communication activities

By their mention on all of EURECOM’s communication supports or by getting involved in events such as jointly organized symposia or seminars.

Finally, EURECOM offers another important advantage to its members: being a neutral ground for meetings and exchanges between industrials who may be competitors outside the Consortium.