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Christophe, iWE has apparently grown since our first article in 2013 ?

Yes, iWE became the 1st collaborative claims management platform. In recent months, we have managed large claims in the medical industry next to a large insurance company with great success. This is only the beginning because our platform is now fully operational. Since 2015, we focus our efforts on the insurance sector including processing requirements, digitization and organization of multiple streams are strong.

The company now has 25 employees of which the majority component our R&D is located here, in Sophia. We actually hired earlier this year, a spanish student from EURECOM, Jorge BARANGUAN. His skills and international profile have greatly impressed us.


What is exactly the iWE collaborative platform?

IWE provides to each organization (that means policyholder, broker, provider, insurance company, other parts ...) to have its own collaborative space within a global platform focused on claims. The idea is to inform the victim because the management of a disaster is often seen as a long process, complicated and not very transparent. The manager can arrange it on the appointment of expertise and ask if any supporting documentation directly on the platform. By working together on the case, it speeds stages and therefore to compensate quickly the disaster. IWE wins a success because all parts have their interest in collaborating. The platform maintains confidentiality and ensures transparency of collaboration between each user. The datas are always safe ...

It was exactly by this subject "security", that is the partnership with EURECOM was born just a few years ? What about the situation today?

Yes we have different current missions with EURECOM. The first concerns the integration and exploitation of data. Regarding the integration of data, iWE platform provides each actor to enrich the folder with the data specific to its business: the contract ( policy holder), the guarantee (for the insurance company) analysis (for the adjuster) ... the aim is to assimilate the Semantic Web techniques to integrate public data such as electrical damage due to lightning. The data exploitation component is to analyze them not only compensation side but also for the detection of serial claims, identifying fraud or the study of such claims.

The second area of work concerns the analysis of documents or photos in order to suggest a compensation offer and also detect fraud. Finally, as you point out, we have indeed an important area of work on security, data encryption by the platform, security policies (shared objects).