The "Big Data" phenomenon is rooted in the field of data science and engineering, which aims at developing both computer and mathematical tools for data storage,processing and analytics. An increasing volume of data is daily produced by modern day industrial processes (in fields such as energy, intelligent transport systems, health, tourism and many others...), and fuelled by the rise of multimedia content being shared and the Internet of Things in our daily life. Artificial Intelligence is now empowering applications which requires large scale and smart processing of data to build accurate predictive models. Key Words: Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, Web Science, Artificial Intelligence


  •  Combine computer and statistical sciences to develop cutting-edge and fundamental tools to efficiently address data processing problems 
  • Learn how to develop methods, algorithms and software capable to extract knowledge and insights out of huge masses of heterogonous data with several dimensions.
  • Provide a cohesive blend of technical classes in machine learning, data mining, information extraction and distributed systems coupled with fundamentals in Business, Innovation and Project Management to develop profiles which are highly valued by corporate