The first thesis of 2021!


Congratulations to Nassima TOUMI, PhD student in the Communication Systems Department, supervised by Prof. Adlen KSENTINI and by Mr. Olivier VERNIER (ORANGE) as industrial co-supervisor, who brilliantly defended her doctoral thesis on January 5, 2021.
Topic of the Thesis: « Enabling Service Function Chaining in a multi-domaine context »


  • Mrs. CASTEL Hind (IMT Sud Paris - France)                            
  • Mrs. CHIASSERINI Carla Fabiana (POLITOItalie)               

Jury members:

  • Mr. LEGUAY Jérémie (HUAWEI Technologies - France)    
  • Mr. VIHO César (Université de Rennes - France)          
  • Mr. KNOPP Raymond (EURECOM)                                              


  • Mr. MEDDOUR Djamal-Eddine (ORANGE - France)