ICT Campus

ICT Campus: Research and teaching in support of innovation

An opportunity for research

EURECOM was actively involved

in all phases of the design to defend the ‘campus spirit’.”

Catherine Betrancourt, general secretary



Participating in the creation of a campus in Sophia Antipolis with partners such as UNS, INRIA and CNRS is a wonderful opportunity tosee pedagogical and research projects grow from cooperation with these renowned institutions.
Teacher exchanges, resource exchanges, creation of common masters, and joint organization of events will drive this very current notion of bringing institutions closer to each other.
While each institution will keep its identity and specificities, the size of the ICT campus should give it better international exposure and attract visitors, students and businesses to Sophia Antipolis. The proximity in one single site of post-graduate to doctoral students will undoubtedly create the long-awaited activity in the science park.
EURECOM expects its move into the campus will contribute to its development for the next 10 years.

Dedicated infrastructures

For EURECOM, the ICT campus is primarily a real estate project with a view to anchor the school in a location designed specifically for its activity.

The 4,892 m² building wil be located at the South entrance of the campus and will include five levels, one entirely dedicated to teaching, and another more secured to research labs. The building will also boat a 200 set amphitheater.

The key functional principles of the interior architecture were laid out by an internal working group with the following goals: to enhance staff integration and cooperation between the various teams, to ensure future scalability of the offices, and to manage user flow.