• You can open a VPN connection to the EURECOM infrastructure throuth our two main VPNs (BOTH REQUIRE THE RSA TOKEN) :

    • You can use the SSL VPN from any computer, this will allow you to access specific internal resources such as intranets, files etc...

      • The documentation for the Staff SSL VPN is available here.
      • The documentation for the Student SSL VPN is available here.
    • You can use the IPSec VPN if you are using a EURECOM laptop on which the dedicated application has been installed (only for members of the IPSec Users). This VPN will give you a full "network" access to the EURECOM infrastructure.



  • Staff members can use the "virtual desktop" service in order to access most of the internal services except emails (files, erp, notilus, library, econgé, office). Using this service you interract from any computer in the world with a virtual computer running inside the EURECOM infrastructure. (THE "virtual desktop" REQUIRES THE RSA TOKEN

    • The documentation for the Staff SSL VPN is available here.




  • You may access your mails using :

    • The webmail
    • the SMPTS and IMAPS external servers from your personnal email client (see intranet server my).



  • In order to be able to connect to most of the internal applications of Eurecom from the outside, you have to use a RSA Software Token.
    If you don't have a RSA software Token please contact the IT support to get one.
    A RSA software token is a small software that you can install on a smartphone (Iphone, Android or Windows Phone) or on a laptop (Windows, MacOsX).
    It should be activated with an activation code that EURECOM has to give you by email.
    It requires you to remember a PIN Code which is given to you when first login on the .
    It computes a Passcode (8 character long) valid for one minute that you should provide to ssh or the VPN Tools in order to login.
  • Please note that :

    • This PIN code is personal and mustn’t be known by anyone else than you. If you suspect it’s not the case, just contact Eurecom IT staff who will re initialize the token.
    • If you forget you PIN Code, You can go on the in order to generate a new one (see the documentation).


  • Every staff member and EURECOM's student can have a RSA Software Token.


  • Please Note that EURECOM also provides a few RSA hardware tokens for specific purposes.
    For those hardware tokens, the RSA passcode is composed of the pin code (4 Character) + the code written on the RSA hardware token (6 Charactarters).




  • Thanks to eduroam, students, staff and researchers can access internet using a secured wireless connection when visiting other participating institutions by using their usual UNIX credential.
  • eduroam service in Europe is a confederated service that involves hundreds of institutions. And you can also have eduroam access in the Asia-Pacific region, Canada and USA. You can find the list of all French members at this web site: This site gives you access to foreign federations.
  • Any eduroam user should respect :



It is possible to access your data from outside using the EURECOM ssh server.

For that purpose, you will need a ssh client to be installed on your PC (PUTTY is an exemple). The client will allows you to “login” on a EURECOM computer (with a ssh client shell) transfer files (with the secure file transfert client). The EURECOM ssh server is

You could be redirected on or Your login is your login name, but you must provide your RSA passcode (code generated by RSA software token)