A third ERC grant to EURECOM


BITCRUMBS will achieve this goal in three steps: (1) by introducing a new systematic approach to precisely measure the effectiveness and accuracy of IR techniques and their resilience to evasion and forgery; (2) by designing and implementing new automated techniques to cope with advanced threats and the analysis of IoT devices; and (3) by proposing a novel forensics-by-design development methodology and a set of guidelines for the design of future systems and software. To provide the right context for these new techniques and show the impact of the project in different fields and scenarios, BITCRUMBS plans to address its objectives using real case studies borrowed from two different domains: traditional computer software, and embedded systems.

Davide Balzarotti, Professor at Dept. Digital Security is the third teacher-researcher awarded an ERC to EURECOM with its BITCRUMPS project, "Towards a Reliable and Automated Analysis of Compromised Systems» Earned in December 2017. The main objective of BITCRUMBS is to rethink what we call the “incident response” (IR).