Video Content Recognition with Deep Learning

Zuxuan Wu - PhD student in Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland
Data Science

Date: October 13th 2016
Location: Eurecom - Eurecom

Abstract: Nowadays people produce a huge number of videos; many are uploaded to the Internet on social media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. There is a strong need to develop automatic solutions for recognizing the contents of these videos. Potential applications of such techniques include effective video content management and retrieval, open-source intelligence analysis, etc. In this talk, I will introduce our recent works on video content analysis. I will start by introducing a few recently constructed Internet video datasets. After that I will introduce several recent approaches for video analysis with a focus on deep learning methods. Bio: Zuxuan Wu is a first-year PhD student in Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland, College Park, advised by Prof. Larry Davis. Before joining UMD, he received his Master's degree from Fudan University. His research interests focus on the development of novel algorithms and systems for large-scale video understanding. He designed a few best performing systems for several international benchmark competitions.

Permalink: https://www.eurecom/seminar/57558