EIT Digital Master in Autonomous Systems

Master in Autonomous Systems (AUS) - EIT Digital Master School

EURECOM is part of the high profile EIT Digital Master in Autonomous System (AUS)

The programme is a double degree programme, which means that you’ll study at two European universities (and countries). The programme has an integrated technical content (Technical major) and business content (Innovation & Entrepreneurship – I&E minor). The I&E minor is shared between all programmes. An integral part of the second year is a Masters thesis (30 ECTS).

The double-degree programme is implemented jointly by leading European universities. The students can select their favorite first (entry) and second (exit) year universities. Each university has a unique specialization area, which allows students to select their own second year expert area.


Application Deadlines:

Period one: November  -  February
Period two:  February  - April

Where can you study EIT Master in Autonomous Systems?

Entry - 1st year (common courses)

  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
  • Aalto University (Aalto), Finland
  • Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), Germany
  • University of Trento, (UniTN), Italy
  • Université Côte d'Azur (UCA), France


Exit - 2nd year (specialisation)  

  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Aalto - Finland)
  • Intelligent Autonomous Systems (KTH - Sweden)
  • Applications of Autonomous Systems (TUB - Germany)
  • Real-time perception, decision and control for autonomous driving (UniTN - Italy)
  • Sensing, Communicating and Processing Big Data for IoT (EURECOM - France)
  • Computer Science for Autonomous Driving (ELTE - Hungary)


2nd year Specialisation in Sensing, Communicating and Processing Big Data for Internet of Things at EURECOM


Master EIT Digital Systèmes Autonomes

EURECOM  is offering a specialisation in Sensing, Communicating and Processing Big Data for Autonomous Systems. This specialisation aims at describing the methods and tools to process and analyse data from sensors (big data integration, semantic interoperability, data mining and analytics) and at understanding the communication mechanisms adapted to the sensors' constraints (low energy consumption, limited computing capacities, etc.). Consequently, this master specialisation is at the crossroad between communication systems and data science skills. 

Traitement et architecture des données Unit ECTS: 5.00
Min sum of Weight: 1.00
T CompArch Architecture des ordinateurs Weight: 1.00
T MALIS Apprentissage automatique et systèmes intelligents Weight: 1.00
T MobMod Modélisation de la Mobilité Weight: 0.50
T WebSem Les technologies du Web Sémantique et de l'extraction d'information Weight: 0.50
Innovation & entreprenariat EIT Unit ECTS: 6.00
Min sum of Weight: 1.00
G I&E Innovation et entrepreunariat EIT( external course) Weight: 1.00
Logiciels et systèmes Unit ECTS: 10.00
Min sum of Weight: 1.00
T Clouds Systèmes distribués Cloud Computing Weight: 0.50
T ImProc Traitement d'images Numériques Weight: 0.25
T MPC Calcul multipartite et blockchains Weight: 0.25
T MobCom Techniques de communications mobiles Weight: 0.50
T MobSys Systèmes de communications mobiles Weight: 0.50
T MobiSec Sécurité des systèmes mobiles et des smartphones Weight: 0.50
T Stand Activités de standardisation Weight: 0.25
T UMLEmb Conception de systèmes embarqués avec UML Weight: 0.25


Language    French or another foreign language for French speakers

Semester project (180h) 8



Scholarships are merit based and no separate application for the EIT Digital Scholarship is needed.
(See: https://masterschool.eitdigital.eu/application/tuition-fees-scholarship…).


Find out more at : https://masterschool.eitdigital.eu/programmes/aus/

Administrative programme coordinator: Philippe Benassi (philippe.benassi @ eurecom.fr)


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