Unsupervised TV Program Structuring

Multimedia Communications

Date: -
Location: Eurecom

TV Programs have an underlying structure that is generally lost when programs are broadcasted. Consequently, the only available reading mode when viewing TV Programs that are recorded using a Personal Video Recorder or through a TV-on-Demand service is the linear mode. In this context, program structuring becomes very important in order to provide users with a novel and useful browsing tool. This presentation addresses the problem of intra-program structuring. The objective is to automatically recover the structure of a program. In other terms, the idea is to detect the start and end times of each part composing the program. When watching, this enables users to directly access the desired parts of the program or to skip the current part and directly go to the next one. Thus it provides an advanced nonlinear access functionality that could be an alternative to the basic fast forward/backward functions. Video summarization, indexing and querying, archiving, intra-program audience measurement are also possible applications of program structuring.

PhD student, Orange Labs Rennes