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LIVE FROM EURECOM - APRIL 2015 07-04-2015

IABG, sponsor of EURECOM's 24th Class of engineers

Dialog between students and business has always been at the heart of EURECOM’s strategy, and the sponsorship of our Classes by industrials always creates a strong relationship between a company and a Class of students during their entire training.

As member of the EURECOM Consortium since January 2013, IABG is sponsoring the 24th Class of soon-to-be engineers who will graduate in 2016.  The role of the German company was made official on March 12th during a visit by Dr Rudolf F. Schwarz, General Director of IABG, who was accompanied by Norbert Niklasch, Manager for Sensor Signal Processing Systems, and Wolfgang Mohr, Manager of the Innovation and Development Center.  For a few hours, IABG’s representatives shared with students their company’s technological innovations, joint activities with EURECOM, as well as their own personal experience.

IABG ranks among the top European providers of future-oriented integrated solutions in the areas of Automotive, InfoCom, Mobility, Energy & Environment, Aeronautics, Space, Defense & Security.

BMW R&D, EURECOM, and TUM Summer school

EURECOM, the R&D Division of BMW, and the Technical University of Munich, with the support of the French-Bavarian University Cooperation Center are organizing a summer university for doctoral students and young researchers on "Connected Vehicles on Digital Roads".  This will take place in Lake Tegernsee, South of Munich, on July 6-11, 2015.  The goal is to create a forum for key industrial and academic experts in connected mobility to exchange on the Autonomous Vehicles and the Internet of things, and work on the main social, economic and technological challenges impacting our lives and the industry.   Information and registration

EURECOM at the "Forum des Telecoms"

The Telecom Forum is a major event for both telecommunications engineers and businesses.  Organized by Télécom SudParis students, Télécom École de Management, and Télécom ParisTech who partnered for this 23rd edition of the forum, the meeting was attended by more than a hundred companies and several thousand visitors. About sixty EURECOM students also participated through the Forum Telecom Association.  The annual survey conducted by Institut Mines Telecom and the Observatoire des Métiers during the event showed an improvement in business opportunities and recruitment perspectives for this year.

The 3cixty Platform at the 2015 Universal Exhibition 

Developed as part of the 3cixty project and financed through EIT ICT Labs, ExplorMi 360's first goal is to offer the public immediate access to cultural, touristic and practical information about a city.  EURECOM has developed technologies to design knowledge databases for intelligent cities.  3cixty aggregates information from multiple sources using semantic technologies, and the interface enables exploration of these integrated knowledge sources. The application will be tested live during the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milano, from May 1st to October 31st, 2015. With the ambition of leaving an entire digital ecosystem, the exhibition will also be a unique opportunity for Milano to showcase its role as "intelligent city".

A EURECOM student at SAP's "InnoJam"

"Do you want to prove your creativity? Are you interested in applying your theoretical knowledge while having fun with other students and SAP experts? "

This is how the InnoJam-Cebit 2015 was introduced. The SAP-University Alliances program hosted the annual SAP InnoJam event at the Hanover exhibition hall during the 2015 CeBIT trade fair.

Eighty candidates from 20 universities spread out in 12 teams and representing more than 15 countries competed for 32 hours in four different challenges to develop innovative applications related to smart cities using SAP technologies.

Marouane Ben Aoun, a post-master student at EURECOM was selected to participate in the competition.  During this experience, he had a chance to interview the head of SAP University Alliances about the program and its ties with EURECOM, "EURECOM is part of our network of partners in France, which extends to 2000 universities worldwide. Our objective is to reach out to universities and their students through this program to keep them in our ecosystem, and to introduce them with our latest technologies.  We also invite them to events such as InnoJam, and offer students opportunities to work with our experts.  That sometimes leads to an offer to join one of our teams".

Workshops on CV writing and professional networking

On January 22d, EURECOM students were able to get professional assistance in their job and internship search with VOLT, a company specialized in recruitment and consulting in the areas of engineering and telecommunications.  How to stand out to recruiters?  What are the best practices for using professional networks?  These are just some of the questions asked by students.  The VOLT team answered all of them and provided students with advice and personalized coaching.

International Meal at EURECOM

The international section of the Students' Bureau renewed its much appreciated traditional International Meal with culinary specialties proposed to students and staff.  This year was another great success for the event. Thank you to the cooks!

International Forum on Cybersecurity in Lille

Mariano Graziano (RS doctoral student) and Kjell Braden, a EURECOM student, won third place at the EPITA Challenge of the International Forum on Cybersecurity (FIC), which took place on January 20-21 in Lille.  Organized in partnership with ACISSI and the EPITA Engineering School, with the sponsorship of the Réseau Cyberdéfense de la Réserve Citoyenne, the FIC challenge aims to foster recruitment in the area of forensic and cyberdefense.

Professor Dirk Slock elevated to EURASIP Fellow

Each year, the European Association for Signal Processing awards its most prestigious honor to four researchers who are elevated to EURASIP Fellows.  This year, Professor Dirk Slock joins this select group of researchers for his "contribution to adaptive filtering and signal processing for communications".  There had been no French researcher in the final stage of the competition since 2010.  The prize will be awarded to Dirk Slock in Nice on September 1st during the EUSIPCO 2015 conference.  Congratulations!

The Roberto Padovani Scholarship awarded to a EURECOM student

Enrico Piovano, a EURECOM student (Class of 2015, directed by Professor David Gesbert) was selected as one the 2014 winners of the Roberto Padovani scholarship for his internship work at Qualcomm. The prize was awarded for the first time to a European student in the System category.  Created in 2008, the annual scholarship is granted to about seven R&D interns based on hundreds of applications.  The winners receive 5,000 dollars. Enrico Piovano worked with the Qualcomm Corporate research team in Germany on the development of a wireless modem design.

WEED 2015 - A weekend at EURECOM for first-year Télécom ParisTech students

EURECOM's student bureau organized another weekend for its students carrying out their first year in Paris to give them a preview of what life will be like in Sophia Antipolis.  Students toured the campus, sampled classes, and were introduced to the various sports and cultural activities they will have access to.  They met their future Director, Ulrich Finger, Professors Renaud Pacalet, from the SOC Telecom ParisTech team, and Bernard Merialdo from the Multimedia Communications Department.  The weekend was wrapped up with the traditional evening.  Thank you to all the participants.

Chalmers University and EURECOM - a partnership in action

As part of a partnership between the two schools, Professor David Gesbert, with Jan Rembowski, International Relations Manager at EURECOM, met with students and teachers of the Chalmers University which joined EURECOM's Consortium as academic member in July 2014.  The meeting centered around a research seminar presented by Professor David Gesbert to teacher-researchers and doctoral students, as well as a presentation to students looking for information about their future curriculum at EURECOM, and a plenary session on EURECOM's activities.  Discussions also took place on the future collaborative projects which will be carried out by both institutions.  The first Chalmers students will join EURECOM in September 2015.


They successfully defended their theses!

  • Pavlos SERMPEZIS “Performance Analysis of Mobile Social Networks with Realistic Mobility and Traffic Patterns” ; Thesis advisor: Thrasyvoulos SPYROPOULOS
  • Yohan LEJOSNE “Multi-Cell Multi-User MIMO Aspects: Delay, Transceiver Design, User Selection and Topology” Thesis advisor: Dirk SLOCK
  • Pierre-Antoine VERVIER “Detection, analysis and mitigation of malicious BGP hijack attacks”; Thesis advisor: Marc DACIER
  • Bernhard KLOIBER “Broadcast Collision Mitigation Strategies in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks”; Thesis advisor: Jérôme HÄRRI
  • Federico ALEGRE “Spoofing and Countermeasures for Biometric Speaker Verification”, Thesis advisor: Nicholas EVANS
  • Ayse ÜNSAL “Transmission of Analog Source Samples for Remote and Distributed Sensing”; Thesis advisor: Raymond KNOPP
  • Samuel KALUVURI “Security Assurance of Web Services through Digital Security Certification”; Thesis advisor: Yves ROUDIER
  • Xinping YI “Interference Management in Wireless Networks with Channel Uncertainty”; Thesis advisor: David GESBERT
  • Ngoc Duy NGUYEN “LTE Broadcast : Service Continuity and Quality Management”; Thesis advisor: Christian BONNET

Accreditation to supervise research

Congratulations to Navid Nikaein, assistant professor in the Mobile Communications Dept at EURECOM ! He has successfully defended his HDR (french accreditation to supervise research) on March 19 on the following topic : "Latency, cooperation, and Cloud in radio access network"
This accreditation validates a candidate’s high scientific level and his/her original approach toward a scientific domain, ability to master a research strategy in a scientific or technological domain and capacity to direct young researchers".

EURECOM Invites Alumni to the 2015 Alumni Conference and Reunion on 2015, June 26

Dear Alumni of the growing EURECOM Family !

It is our pleasure to invite you for the 2015 Alumni Conference hosted this year at EURECOM  Campus SophiaTech in Sophia Antipolis.

This year we are proposing a very interesting program with talks by distinguished alumni and EURECOM's top faculty as well as a friendly social event. In addition, we offer exclusively to alumni free tickets to the international conference "Innovative City"  which will be held in Nice on 24 and 25 June. Save the date and fill in the pre-registration form

See you soon !
























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