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Internet of things day : time to consider IoT threats, say experts

Today marks the fifth annual Internet of Things Day, but security experts have been using the occasion to warn organizations not to
allow the IoT to become the ‘Internet of Threats’. Internet of Things Day is comprised of events all around the world – from Singapore to Sweden and Bangalore to Barcelona – with a mission to promote, educate and share all things IoT. But security flaws in the design of IoT devices have already set alarm bells ringing for enterprise IT leaders. A study of the 10 most common IoT devices by HP last July, for example, found 25 security flaws per device. Then, a month later, Eurecom research found zero-day vulnerabilities, backdoors and other security holes in over 140,000 IoT devices, from routers to CCTV systems, which could allow them to be compromised....

Infosecurity Magazine - 9 avril 2015