CyberNet: A framework for managing networks using 3D metaphoric worlds

Abel, Pierre; Gros, Pascal; Loisel, Didier; Russo dos Santos, Cristina
Annales des télécommunications, Volume 55, N°3-4, Avril 2000

In this paper we will present CyberNet, an interactive 3D dynamic information visualization tool designed to evaluate the added value this technology brings to network management. This paper explains how 3D metaphoric worlds may help the user and points out the problems raised by the dynamic nature of the information. It focuses on the solutions that were adopted to cope with these problems. We first present some prototypes of network administration tools implemented using the CyberNet framework. Secondly we explain how information is collected and structured, and then we show how this structured information may be mapped onto 3D graphical components in order to automatically build and update metaphoric 3D worlds. The last part of the paper presents the user interaction mechanisms provided by the system.

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