Device and method for decision support of an artificial cognitive system

Ancora, Andrea; Da-silva-filarder, Matthieu; Derome, Maxime; Filippone, Maurizio; Michiardi, Pietro
Patent US 2023/0306729 A1, 28 September 2023

A device for decision support of a cognitive system based on data originating from a plurality of data sources, the device including a processing unit associated with each data source, each processing unit including an encoding unit configured to determine, from the data from the data source associated with the processing unit, a representation of data in a common representation space by applying a machine learning algorithm to the data, the device further including a data fusion unit configured to determine a representation model of an environment of the cognitive system by combining the data representations determined by the encoding units associated with the plurality of data sources through the application of a data fusion algorithm.

Data Science
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