Low-complexity block-based decoding algorithms for short block channels

Sy, Mody; Knopp, Raymond
AFRICON 2023, 16th IEEE Africon Conference, 20-22 September 2023, Nairobi, Kenya

This paper presents low-complexity block-based encoding and decoding algorithms for short block length channels. In terms of the precise use-case, we are primarily concerned with the baseline 3GPP Short block transmissions in which payloads are encoded by Reed-Muller codes and paired with orthogonal DMRS. In contemporary communication systems, the short block decoding often employs the utilization of DMRSbased least squares channel estimation, followed by maximum likelihood decoding. However, this methodology can incur substantial computational complexity when processing long bit length codes. We propose an innovative approach to tackle this challenge by introducing the principle of block/segment encoding using First-Order RM Codes which is amenable to low-cost decoding through block-based fast Hadamard transforms. The Block-based FHT has demonstrated to be cost-efficient with regards to decoding time, as it evolves from quadric to quasilinear complexity with a manageable decline in performance. Additionally, by incorporating an adaptive DMRS/data power
adjustment technique, we can bridge/reduce the performance gap and attain high sensitivity, leading to a good trade-off between performance and complexity to efficiently handle small payloads.

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