On The Potential of Jointly-Optimised Solutions to Spoofing Attack Detection and Automatic Speaker Verification

Ge, Wanying; Tak, Hemlata; Todisco, Massimiliano; Evans, Nicholas
IBERSPEECH 2022, 14-16 November 2022, Granada, Spain

Best Paper Award

The spoofing-aware speaker verification (SASV) challenge was designed to promote the study of jointly-optimised solutions to accomplish the traditionally separately-optimised tasks of spoofing detection and speaker verification. Jointly-optimised systems have the potential to operate in synergy as a better performing solution to the single task of reliable speaker verification. However, none of the 23 submissions to SASV 2022 are jointly optimised. We have hence sought to determine why separately-optimised sub-systems perform best or why joint optimisation was not successful. Experiments reported in this paper show that joint optimisation is successful in improving robustness to spoofing but that it degrades speaker verification performance. The findings suggest that spoofing detection and speaker verification sub-systems should be optimised jointly in a manner which reflects the differences in how information provided by each sub-system is complementary to that provided by the other. Progress will also likely depend upon the collection of data from a larger number of speakers.

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