Optimized device and method for transmitting control data

Knopp, Raymond

There is provided a transmitter device (1) for transmitting a digital input message (m) corresponding to control data through a communication channel (3), the message comprising a number B of bits, said transmitter device comprising:

- a binary code generator (10) to generate a binary code fi , i = 0, 1 ..., E' - 1 from the B bits of the message;

- a binary interleaver (11) to apply interleaving to said binary code, which provides an interleaved binary code gi , i = 0, 1 ..., E - 1;

- an inner coded modulation unit (12) to apply inner coded modulation to a message ml = 0,1, ..., 2 B' - 1 comprising B' bits taken from the interleaved binary code (gi ), which provides an inner modulation code comprising K-length inner coded modulated vectors (dk',s ) representing frequency-domain samples;

- modulators (14) configured to apply single-carrier or multi-carrier modulation to the inner coded modulated vectors (dk',s ) which provides a modulated sequence (Cl (ml )) transmitted by the transmitter device. 

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