3D self-positioning algorithm based on joint DDoA-ToA

Le, Minh Hoang; Slock, Dirk TM; Rossi, Jean-Pierre
MENACOMM 2021, 3rd IEEE Middle East & North Africa COMMunications Conference, 3-5 December 2021, Agadir, Morocco (Virtual Event)

Thanks to the recent development of antenna design, localization based on the Direction of Arrival (DoA) of the incident signals is becoming more and more promising approach.
This paper presents a direction-based positioning algorithm which can be implemented at the mobile device in 3D schemes. As the mobile orientation is unclear and inconstant, an algorithm utilizing the Direction Difference of Arrival (DDoA) among the incident signals is considered. Because of the complexity in computation, we use the Time of Arrival (ToA) as the additional data for position estimation. As a result, the joint DDoA-ToA
method is studied. Moreover, an iterative Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimator for position estimation is presented to rectify the final estimates. Simulation results show significant performance improvement compared to other methods.

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