Low-subpacketization multi-antenna coded caching for dynamic networks

Salehi, MohammadJavad; Parinello, Emanuele; Bakhshzad Mahmoodi, Hamidreza; Tölli, Antti
Submitted to ArXiV, 15 November 2021

Multi-antenna coded caching combines a global caching gain, proportional to the total cache size in the network, with an additional spatial multiplexing gain that stems from multiple transmitting antennas. However, classic centralized coded caching schemes are not suitable for dynamic networks as they require prior knowledge of the number of users to indicate what data should be cached at each user during the placement phase. On the other hand, fully decentralized schemes provide comparable gains to their centralized counterparts only when the number of users is very large. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-antenna coded caching scheme for dynamic networks, where instead of defining individual cache contents, we associate users with a limited set of predefined caching profiles. Then, during the delivery phase, we aim at achieving a combined caching and spatial multiplexing gain, comparable to a large extent with the ideal case of fully centralized schemes. The resulting scheme imposes small subpacketization and beamforming overheads, is robust under dynamic network conditions, and incurs small finite-SNR performance loss compared with centralized schemes. 

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