Hybrid beamforming and combining for millimeter wave full duplex massive MIMO interference channel

Sheemar, Chandan Kumar; Slock, Dirk TM
Submitted to ArXiV, 1 August 2021

Full-Duplex (FD) communication can revolutionize wireless communications as it avoids using independent channels for bi-directional communications. In this work, we generalize the point-to-point FD communication in millimeter wave (mmWave) band consisting of K-pair of massive MIMO FD nodes operating simultaneously. To enable the coexistence of massive MIMO FD links cost-efficiently, we present novel joint hybrid beamforming (HYBF) and combining scheme for weighted sum-rate (WSR) maximization. The proposed algorithm is based on alternative optimization based on the minorization-maximization method. Moreover, we present a novel SI and massive MIMO interference channel aware power allocation scheme to include the optimal power control. Simulation results show significant performance improvement compared to a traditional bidirectional half-duplex communication system.

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