An end-to-end trusted architecture for network slicing in 5G and beyond networks

Ben Saad, Sabra; Ksentini, Adlen; Brik, Bouziane
Security and Privacy Journal, 8 September 2021

5G opens the door not only for new network services but also for a new businessmodel
involving newbusiness actors. Particularly, the introduction ofNetwork Slicing encourages
the appearance of new stakeholders, namely Verticals or network slice tenants, Network
Slice Providers, and Resource Providers. The Network Slice Provider sells end-to-end
network slices (virtual end-to-end mobile network) to the Vertical, while leasing virtual
and physical resources from Resource Providers to deploy and instantiate these end-to-
end network slices. Consequently, a trusted relationship among these actors should be
established and maintained. To fill this gap, in this paper, we propose a Blockchain-based
trust architecture that aims to: (1) create and negotiate the deployment of an end-to-end
slice network; (2) manage automatically the Service Level Agreements (SLA) established
between the involved actors; while guaranteeing security and anonymous transactions.

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