Beamforming for bidirectional MIMO full duplex under the joint sum power and per antenna power constraints

Sheemar, Chandan Kumar; Slock, Dirk TM
ICASSP 2021, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 6-11 June 2021, Toronto, Canada (Virtual Conference)

This paper considers a bidirectional (BD) full-duplex (BDFD) communication system design under the joint sum-power and per-antenna power constraints. The sum-power constraints are naturally imposed by regulation to limit the total transmit power, and the per-antenna power constraints consider the physical limits of the power amplifiers (PAs).
We propose a novel beamforming design to maximize the weighted sum-rate (WSR) with alternating optimization under the limited dynamic range (LDR) noise model. At each
iteration, we use minorization-maximization approach to optimize the beamformers and power allocation. Simulation results show significant performance gain compared to a
half-duplex BD system or FD system with only sum-power constraints. However, the gains are limited by the maximum of the thermal noise variance or the LDR noise variance.

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