Supporting UAV services in 5G networks: New high-level architecture integrating 5G with U-space

Si-Mohammed, Samir; Bouaziz, Maha; Hellaoui, Hamed; Bekkouche, Oussama; Ksentini, Adlen; Taleb, Tarik; Tomaszewski, Lechoslaw; Lutz, Thomas; Srinivasan, Gokul; Järvet, Tanel; Montowtt, Pawel
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Vol.16, N°1, March 2021

To provide efficient, safe, and secure access to the airspace, the European Union has launched a set of new services called U-space, allowing supporting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) management and conflict preventing of flights in the airspace. These services are based on communication technology, where it is foreseen that it will be the key enabler to unlock the underlying potentials of UAVs’ operations. In this regard, the upcoming generation of mobile networks “5G” is envisioned to be the communication standard to support diverse UAV operations and applications. In this paper, we propose a novel architecture that integrates 5G systems with U-space. The main aim of this architecture consists in providing a reference design that demonstrates how 5G can support U-space services and shows the interactions between different stakeholders. Furthermore, we introduce the 5G!Drones project that relies on the proposed
architecture to trial UAV use-cases scenarios on top of 5G infrastructure.

Systèmes de Communication
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