PROTECT: Pervasive and user focused biometrics border project – a case study

Galdi, Chiara; Boyle, Jonathan; Chen, Lulu; Chiesa, Valeria; Debiasi, Luca; Dugelay, Jean-Luc; Ferryman, James; Grudzien, Artur; Kauba, Christof; Kirchgasser, Simon; Kowalski, Marcin; Linortner, Michael; Maik, Patryk; Michon, Kacper; Patino, Luis; Prommegger, Bernhard; Sequeira, Ana F; Szklarski, Lukasz; Uhl, Andreas
IET Biometrics, Vol.9, N°6, November 2020

Pervasive and useR fOcused biomeTrics bordEr projeCT (PROTECT) is an EU project funded by the Horizon 2020 research and Innovation Programme. The main aim of PROTECT was to build an advanced biometric-based person identification system that works robustly across a range of border crossing types and that has strong user-centric features. This work presents the case study of the multibiometric verification system developed within PROTECT. The system has been developed to be suitable for different borders such as air, sea, and land borders. The system covers two use cases: the walk-through scenario, in which the traveller is on foot; the drive-through scenario, in which the traveller is in a vehicle. Each deployment includes a different set of biometric traits and this study illustrates how to evaluate such multibiometric system in accordance with international standards and, in particular, how to overcome practical problems that may be encountered when dealing with multibiometric evaluation, such as different score distributions and missing scores.



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