SAGA: An activity-based multi-modal mobility scenario generator for SUMO

Codeca, Lara; Erdmann, Jakob; Cahill, Vinny; Härri, Jérôme
SUMO 2020, International SUMO User Conference, Simulating Connected Urban Mobility, October 26-28, 2020, Berlin, Germany

In this paper, we define a workflow and a toolchain to support fast mobility scenario
prototyping based on open data and open-source software. SAGA is an activity-based
multi-modal mobility scenario generator for the Simulation of Urban MObiltiy (SUMO).
Starting from an OpenStreetMap (OSM) file, SAGA extracts the data required to build a
multi-modal scenario, and in a step-by-step fashion, generates the configurations needed to execute it, including the intermediate steps required to refine the scenario with additional data, allowing the iterative improvement of realism and representativeness.
The workflow implemented, extended, and automated by SAGA was developed while
hand-crafting the Monaco SUMO Traffic (MoST) Scenario. Based on the fast prototyping
capabilities added by SAGA, the creation of a multi-modal mobility scenario is readily
achievable, and the incremental process to fine-tune it is supported by a workflow instead
of being solely based on expert knowledge and experience.
Based on previous experience, the generation of the first working prototype of a cityscale
multi-modal mobility scenario may take months of work and expert knowledge. SAGA
automatically generates such a prototype, and all the intermediate configuration files are
made available for further iterative improvements.

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