Efficient local map search algorithms for the placement of flying relays

Chen, Junting; Gesbert, David
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol.19, N°2, February 2020

This paper studies the optimal unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) placement problem for wireless networking. The UAV operates as a flying wireless relay to provide coverage extension for a base station (BS) and deliver capacity boost to a user shadowed by obstacles. While existing methods rely on statistical models for potential blockage of a direct propagation link, we propose an approach capable of leveraging local terrain information to offer performance guarantees. The proposed method allows to strike the best trade-off between minimizing propagation distances to ground terminals and discovering good propagation conditions. The algorithm only requires several propagation parameters, but it is capable to avoid deep propagation shadows and is proven to find the globally optimal UAV position. Only a local exploration over the target area is required, and the maximum length of search trajectory is linear to the geographical scale. Hence, it lends itself to online search. Significant throughput gains are found when compared to other positioning approaches based on statistical propagation models.

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