From content-centric to entertainment-centric networks: Convergence of communication,caching, and recommendation systems at the network edge

Spyropoulos, Thrasyvoulos
FLEXNETS 2019, Keynote Talk in Workshop on Flexible and Agile Networks: 5G and Beyond, in conjunction with the IEEE INFOCOM, April, 29 2019, Paris, France

It is well known that there is a dramatic tussle between the users' media consumption needs and what wireless operators are able to offer. Distributed storage of frequently requested content as close to the user as possible (e.g. at or near small cells or even in user devices) is considered as a "sine qua non" towards keeping up with user demand while controlling operator costs. While this has led to a spur of research around caching for wireless networks, a number of crucial shortcomings remain towards providing better user QoE for everyone, everywhere, and at an affordable cost. In this talk, we will describe how network flexibility and edge computing, will facilitate the convergence of the communication world (how content should be transmitted), the caching world (where content should be placed), and the application world (what content should be recommended), creating a software-based paradigm shift towards entertainment-centric networks. We will also discuss how modern optimization theory and machine learning could help tackle the hard problems this convergence gives rise to.

Systèmes de Communication
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