Method for determining parameters for configuring regularized zero-forcing precoder

Li, Qianrui; Gresset, Nicolas; Gesbert, David; De Kerret, Paul
US Patent 20180375548A1, 27 December 2018

or determining parameters for configuring a regularized zero-forcing precoder aiming at being applied for transmitting data from a plurality of transmitters to a plurality of receivers via a MIMO transmission channel in a wireless communication system, and more particularly in a scope of massive MIMO approach, a first phase comprises: obtaining long-term statistics about observations of the MIMO transmission channel, and obtaining a power scaling factors aiming at meeting a power constraint P, by solving an optimization problem as a function of a signal to noise ratio asymptotic expression from the standpoint of each receiver. Then, a second phase comprises: obtaining an estimation of the MIMO transmission channel, and configuring the regularized zero-forcing precoder using the power scaling factors determined in the first phase as well as the obtained estimation of the MIMO trans mission channel.

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