Semantic trails of city explorations: How do we live a city

Monti, Diego; Palumbo, Enrico; Rizzo, Giuseppe; Troncy, Raphaël; Morisio, Maurizio
Submitted to ESWC 2019 & ArXiv, 11 December 2018

The knowledge of city exploration trails of people is in short supply because of the complexity in defining meaningful trails representative of individual behaviours and in the access to actionable data. Existing datasets have only recorded isolated check-ins of activities featured by opaque venue types. In this paper, we fill the gaps of defining what is a semantic trail of city exploration and how it can be generated by integrating different data sources. Furthermore, we publicly release two datasets holding millions of semantic trails each and we discuss their most salient characteristics. We finally present an application using these datasets to build a service meant to guide tourists while exploring a city.

Data Science
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