Distributed CSIT does not reduce the generalized DoF of the 2-user MISO broadcast channel

Bazco-Nogueras, Antonio; de Kerret, Paul; Gesbert, David; Gresset, Nicolas
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 26 November 2018

In this letter we analyze the high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) regime performance of the multi-transmitter MISO Broadcast Channel (BC) with so-called distributed Channel State Information at the Transmitters (CSIT), i.e., where CSIT is made transmitter-dependent. Specifically, we show the unexpected result that it is possible to achieve the same Generalized Degrees-of-Freedom (GDoF) independently of whether a channel link estimate is present at one Transmitter (TX), at the other TX, or at both, and regardless of the channel pathloss topology, thanks to a novel transmission scheme. The proposed scheme involves as key ingredient a new precoding scheme coined Sliced Zero-Forcing which efficiently adapts to any distributed CSIT setting.

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