SDR implementation of narrow-band interference mitigation in wide-band OFDM systems

Kumar, Sumit; Kaltenberger, Florian
SPAWC 2018, 19th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, 25-28 June 2018, Kalamata, Greece

Co-channel interference among heterogeneous devices in ISM band significantly degrades
throughput and reliability. For example 802.11g (WiFi) and 802.15.4 (ZigBee) operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM band simultaneously and both of them face significant performance degradation. In this demonstration, we show a simple yet effective method to mitigate the effects of narrowband (ZigBee) interference on a wideband OFDM system(WiFi) for Single and Multi-Antenna 802:11g receivers. We use local noise variance(LNV) estimates computed from WiFi preambles to scale the log-likelihood ratios (LLR) of WiFi sub-carriers. The implementation has been done on Ettus USRP B210 and a combination of GNU Radio and Openairinterface.

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