Coded caching and advanced PHY: Interesting interplays between caching, feedback and topology in wireless communications

Elia, Petros
Keynote Speech in CCDWN 2017, 2nd Content Caching and Delivery in Wireless Networks Workshop, May 15th, 2017, Paris, France

The talk will focus on coded caching and the interesting salient features that arise when caching is applied in advanced PHY wireless scenarios. Focusing on recently revealed deep connections between caching and fundamental primitives of wireless networks, such as feedback, multiple antennas, and topology, we will seek to answer different questions that arise, and which include: -      When can super-small caches have a substantial impact? -      What is the relationship between caching and CSIT-type feedback? (it turns out that this is a deep relationship, of a synergistic as well as competing nature) -      How can caching data the night before, allow for the (paradoxical) ability to "buffer" CSI? -      How can non-linearity/non-separability (which can reside in wireless settings) be used to boost wireless caching? We will also briefly look at how advanced PHY techniques can be used to ameliorate some of the bottlenecks of coded caching, exploring for example how interference enhancement techniques can be used to ameliorate the dreaded "worst-user" effect of coded caching.

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