FlexCRAN: A flexible functional split framework over ethernet fronthaul in Cloud-RAN

Chang, Chia-Yu; Nikaein, Navid; Knopp, Raymond; Spyropoulos, Thrasyvoulos; Kumar, Sandeep
ICC 2017, IEEE International Conference on Communications, May 21-25, 2017, Paris, France

Thorough investigation of the Cloud-RAN (C-RAN) architecture has recently shown that C-RAN can bring advanced cooperated and coordinated processing capabilities as well as
the multiplexing gains toward future radio access networks. The baseband processing of each base station instance can now be flexibly split into smaller functional components, that can be placed either at remote radio units (RRUs) or baseband units (BBUs), depending on the available fronthaul (FH) performance. Additionally, with the wide adoption of Ethernet in data centers and core networks, the Radio over Ethernet (RoE) approach is now considered as an off-the-shelf candidate for the FH link. To this end, we propose a unified RRU/BBU architectural framework for C-RAN that can support both a flexible functional split and a FH transport protocol over Ethernet. Furthermore, we experimentally evaluate the main key performance indicators (KPIs) of an operational C-RAN network built based on OpenAirInterface (OAI), a software implementation of LTE/LTE-A systems, under two functional splits and different deployment scenarios.

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