Higher-order MIMO detection and half-duplex relay strategies for 4G+ and 5G networks

Thomas, Robin Rajan

The evolution of wireless communication networks has always been rapidly progressive partly due to the demands of today's data hungry users. This dissertation presents two key contributions to the body of knowledge in the evolving area of physical layer 4G+/5G communication technologies, especially in the domain of Higher-order MIMO detection and half-duplex relay network design.

The initial part of this research investigates the development of a higher-order MIMO detection strategy for existing and future 4G+/5G receivers, from both a theoretical and practical perspective. A novel pre-processing Block QR decomposition technique has been proposed for an LTE receiver in a single-user interference-limited scenario as well as a point-to-point scenario with the results highlighting the complexity advantages and limitations in performance.

The second part of this study involves a practical feasibility study of a novel two-phase three-part-message strategy for a physical layer half-duplex relay network, which features superposition coding and interference-aware successive interference cancellation decoding. A key aim of this study was to analyze the performance of the proposed link adaptation scheme in the non-asymptotic regime (finite block-length and discrete constellation signaling), and evaluate the spectral efficiency (SE) against the theoretical assumptions of asymptotically large block-lengths.  An additional SE comparison with a non-cooperative two-hop relay transmission and point-to-point transmission strategy (no relay) is also presented. The resulting outcomes reveal the SE gains that can be had by exploiting physical layer cooperation between the relay and base station.

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