Adaptive multiple importance sampling for Gaussian processes

Xiong, Xiaoyu; Smídl, Václav; Filippone, Maurizio
Submitted on 5 August 2015 (v1), last revised 31 Mar 2016

In applications of Gaussian processes where quantification of uncertainty is a strict requirement, it is necessary to accurately characterize the posterior distribution over Gaussian process covariance parameters. Normally, this is done by means of standard Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms. Motivated by the issues related to the complexity of calculating the marginal likelihood that can make MCMC algorithms inefficient, this paper develops an alternative inference framework based on Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling (AMIS). This paper studies the application of AMIS in the case of a Gaussian likelihood, and proposes the Pseudo-Marginal AMIS for non-Gaussian likelihoods, where the marginal likelihood is unbiasedly estimated. The results suggest that the proposed framework outperforms MCMC-based inference of covariance parameters in a wide range of scenarios and remains competitive for moderately large dimensional parameter spaces.

Data Science
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