IP subnet mobility over general packet radio service

Bonnet, Christian; Mizutani, Mika
Enhanced version reprinted in "Third Generation Mobile Systems"

The growth of the mobile network system of which the cellular systems like Global System Mobile Communications (GSM) and Personal igital Cellular (PDC) are representative and the IP network attracts worldwide attention. The IP network access through the mobile data network system is required strongly to use the useful IP services anytime and anywhere. Therefore on the mobile data network system such like General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), there has been the necessity for realizing the mobility over IP level. This paper focuses to combine the proprietary mobility management of GPRS and Mobile IP. In our proposal the mobile terminal only treats the GPRS mobility management and doesn't recognize the location of IP level. The GPRS core network manages the movement between IP subnets using the information of the GPRS mobility management. One of the advantages is no additional control message on the radio I/F necessitated by the IP mobility.

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