Scalable k-NN based text clustering

Lulli, Alessandro; Debatty, Thibault; Dell'Amico, Matteo; Michiardi, Pietro; Ricci, Laura
BIGDATA 2015, IEEE International Conference on Big Data, October 29-November 1, 2015, Santa Clara, USA

Clustering items using textual features is an important problem with many applications, such as root-cause analysis of spam campaigns, as well as identifying common topics in social media. Due to the sheer size of such data, algorithmic scalability becomes a major concern. In this work, we present our approach for text clustering that builds an approximate k-NN graph, which is then used to compute connected components representing clusters. Our focus is to understand the scalability / accuracy tradeoff that underlies our method: we do so through an extensive experimental campaign, where we use real-life datasets, and show that even rough approximations of k-NN graphs are sufficient to identify valid clusters. Our method is scalable and can be easily tuned to meet requirements stemming from different application domains.

Santa Clara
Data Science
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