Wireless ATM MAC

Dravopoulos, Ioannis; Nikaein, Neda; Enout, Alain; Decrauzat, Stéphane
WAND Documents : ACTS Magic WAND Public Report, August 1998

This deliverable describes the final Specification of the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer of the Magic WAND project. The deliverable presents the reason for a special MAC needed for Wireless ATM, along with the requirements it should fulfil. The WAND MAC is based on a TDMA / TDD channel sharing among the Access Points and the Mobile Terminals. Thus, based on the above, the MAC protocol employed in WAND is named as Mobile Access Scheme based on Contention And Reservation for ATM, or MASCARA. The addressing scheme and the Time Frame detailed structure is provided in this deliverable. Then, this deliverable describes the MAC functional entities and the message primitives exchanged among them. The functional entities include those of responsible for ATM traffic buffering, error control, allocation of ATM cells into the air interface, and the overall control of MASCARA system. The interfaces with the higher layers and the Physical layers are also provided. At the end of the deliverable, there are appendices on the Scheduler algorithm of the WAND MAC protocol, on an improved Error Control and memory management of ATM cells, on the Signals exchanged within the MAC layer, on the Basic MASCARA description using SDL and on some Message Sequence Charts that show the more important parts of the MASCARA behaviour.

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