Guest Editorial - Special Issue on biometric security and privacy

Evans, Nicholas; Marcel, Sébastien; Ross, Arun; Teoh, Andrew
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, September 2015, Volume 32, N° 5

The articles in this special section were conceived to champion recent developments in the rapidly evolving field of biometrics and also to encourage research in new signal processing solutions to security and privacy protection. Biometrics is the science of recognizing individuals based on their behavioral and biological characteristics such as face, fingerprints, iris, voice, gait, and signature. The past decade has witnessed a rapid increase in biometrics research in addition to the deployment of large-scale biometrics solutions in both civilian and law enforcement applications. Example applications that incorporate biometric recognition include: logical and physical access systems; surveillance operations to fight against fraud and organized crime; immigration control and border security systems; national identity programs; identity management systems; and the determination of friend or foe in military installations.

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