LTE broadcast : service continuity and quality management

Nguyen, Ngoc Duy

Recently, the mobile traffic in the Internet has been exploded due to the evolution of wireless technologies. In this massive traffic, video streaming services like Netflix or YouTube have dominated over the other data types. With these services, if a large number of clients request the same content simultaneously, the network will easily get overload because a dedicated radio resource is required for each user. To solve this problem, the 3GPP standard has defined the evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) as an efficient solution to deliver multimedia content in LTE networks. Under the standardization, eMBMS has attracted huge attention from the telecom industry. However, some important features are still very limited including the mobility support.

In this thesis, we focus on the mobility-related issues of the eMBMS service in LTE/LTE-Advanced networks. Based on an insightful analysis of the existing mobility support methods, we propose a complete solution to guarantee the eMBMS reception for the users in mobility situation. In addition, a novel mechanism to reduce the service interruption time during the handover is also presented. To evaluate the impact of our proposal on the service quality through experiment, we have implemented the eMBMS feature in a real-time system: the OpenAirInterface (OAI) platform. Realistic results from the OAI emulator together with the Handover experiments in a real LTE network have proved that our proposal can improve considerably the quality perceived by the end-users in case of handover.

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