Live evaluation of quality of experience for video streaming and web browsing

Plissonneau, Louis; Cui, Heng; Biersack, Ernst
INFOCOM 2013, 32nd IEEE International Conference on Computer, 14-19 April 2013, Turin, Italy

Web browsing and Video download are two major applications of the Internet. To evaluate Quality of Experience (QoE) of these applications, we have developed two tools: (i) pytomo, a tool that executes video download and emulates playback as performed by the Flashplayer plugin. A live web interface for visualisation also gives user information about main indicators for troubleshooting. (ii) CPM, a Firefox plugin that records main events during Web page download to perform a "post-mortem" Critical Path Analysis, indicates to the end-user or Web developer which objects of a given Web page determines the overall page load time.

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