Tell me why? Ain't nothin' but a mistake? Describing media item differences with media fragments uri and speech synthesis

Steiner, Thomas; Troncy, Raphaël
ICME 2013, IEEE International Workshop on Media fragment creation and reMIXing (MMIX 2013), 15-19 July 2013, San Jose, CA, USA

We have developed a tile-wise histogram-based media item deduplication algorithm with additional high-level semantic matching criteria that is tailored to photos and videos gathered from multiple social networks. In this paper, we investigate whether the Media Fragments URI addressing scheme together with a natural language generation framework realized through a text-to-speech system provides a feasible and practicable way to visually and audially describe the differences between media items of type photo and/or video, so that human-friendly debugging of the deduplication algorithm is made possible. A short screencast illustrating the approach is available online at

San Jose
Data Science
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