HSPA radio access performance evaluation for online games and M2M applications traffic (TCP vs UDP)

Drajic, Dejan; Popovic, Milica; Nikaein, Navid; Krco, Srdan; Svoboda, Philipp; Tomic, Igor; Zeljkovic, Nenad
TELFOR 2012, 20th Telecommunications forum, 20-22 November, 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

In this paper we presented results of the performance evaluation of the live 3G/HSPA radio access network when loaded with multiplayer real-time games and M2M applications traffic. Traffic, for the emerging Machine Type Communication and online multiplayer games, was generated by an application running on 10 mobile phones in parallel using TCP or UDP protocols. In the previous work NodeB processing power and the number of simultaneous HS users were identified as major bottlenecks for system performances. Set of new measurements is conducted with increased processing power and the number of simultaneous HS users. The focus of the work was on the radio cell statistics, i.e. to evaluate potential impact of the additional traffic on the performance of radio access network.

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