BIOFACE, a biometric face demonstrator

Ouaret, Mourad; Dantcheva, Antitza; Min, Rui; Daniel, Lionel; Dugelay, Jean-Luc
ACMMM 2010, ACM Multimedia 2010, October 25-29, 2010, Firenze, Italy

In this paper, a demonstrator called BIOFACE incorporating


several facial biometric techniques is described. It includes the


well established Eigenfaces and the recently published Tomofaces


techniques, which perform face recognition based on facial


appearance and dynamics, respectively. Both techniques are


based on the space dimensionality reduction and the enrollment


requires the projection of several positive face samples to the


reduced space. Alternatively, BIOFACE also performs face


recognition based on the matching of Scale Invariant Feature


Transform (SIFT) features.


Moreover, BIOFACE extracts a facial soft biometric profile,


which consists of a bag of facial soft biometric traits such as skin,


hair, and eye color, the presence of glasses, beard and moustache.


The fast and efficient detection of the facial soft biometrics is


performed as a pre-processing step, and employed for pruning the


search for the facial recognition module.


Finally, the demonstrator also detects facial events such as


blinking, yawning and looking-away. The car driver scenario is a


good example to exhibit the importance of such traits to detect




The BIOFACE demonstrator is an attempt to show the potential


and the performance of such facial processing techniques in a


real-life scenario. The demonstrator is built using the C/C++


programming language, which is suitable for implementing image


and video processing techniques due to its fast execution. On top


of that, the Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV),


which is optimized for Intel processors, is used to implement the


image processing algorithms.

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